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From 0 to ICO, in 10 days

23 minute read

I broke the trail of the Real Estate idea to pursue what I considered a unique opportunity that pulled me into the mesmerizing world of cryptocurrency ICOs.

Real Estate Idea

8 minute read

This isn’t a particular idea, but a possibility. I’ve had very little experience with real estate, but I’m sure there’s a way to make it at least 10x better,...

The Validator

3 minute read

I found it very time consuming to test out the last 2 ideas, and I’m wondering if there’s a quicker way to do that specifically for testing out product ideas...

The Gforms Idea

3 minute read

I use Google Forms alot, primarily to track my finances (and also with calorie counting). One quirk is that they don’t have an offline solution — I’m wonderi...

The Goals Idea

4 minute read

This is the first idea I’m testing. The idea is one I’ve had for a while, since my time at GE. I’d like to see if I can get this hashed out and tested, quick...

Finding An Idea

6 minute read

The first step is finding an idea, one of the most intimidating parts of this whole process. In this post, I describe how I go about tackling this